the Girl with Brown Fur cover

A collection of 28 tales and stories.
Starcherone/Dzanc Books, 2011
“Smart and playful, these fictions are also deadly serious about the world they reinvent, and the standard realism purporting to mirror this world.” —Pedro Ponce, American Book Review.
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Verse Chorus Press, 2010
Originally published by Clear Cut Press, 2005
Finalist for the Washington State Book Award.
Should Frances Johnson leave her hometown of Munson, Fla. to search for chicken-beak oil, the missing ingredient for Dr. Palmer’s secret balm? Or should she marry Mark Carol, the new doctor in town, though he hasn’t proposed and there’s little indication that he’s even interested? Frances’s military-history obsessed boyfriend, Ray Garn, encourages her to do the latter. Meanwhile, outside town, there’s an undersea volcano that erupts with some regularity.
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Verse Chorus Press, 2012
Originally published by Sun & Moon Press
A novel both comic and disturbing, soon to be reissued by Verse Chorus Press.
Dra—, drab, indecisive, paranoid, out of money, and powerless, proceeds to a nameless employment agency with the feeling that only a job can give her an identity. At first, Dra— is afraid even to enter the agency because of her irrational fear of a man who works there. Once inside, she must endure a mockingly upbeat lecture on the virtues of holding a job. She is offered a choice between a job at a remote encampment, and one researching and classifying dust.
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Sun & Moon Press, 1994
Levine’s first story collection and PEN/West Award winner from the PEN USA Center.
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