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magazines and journals

(partial list)

Conference-Center Romance, The Stranger 2014

Excerpt from Mice,Quarterly West,  2014 

Sabrina –  LIT 2013 (The New School)

Locking – The Stranger 2013

He Wanted All Galenans to Know He Was Real, The Fanzine, 2012

The Castaways –  The Fairy Tale Review Grey Issue, 2012

The Day of Silver Candlesticks –  Drash: Northwest Mosaic, 2010

They Only Liked and Enjoyed Lesser People –  Arch Journal, Washington University (St. Louis), 2010

The Girl –  Tin House Fantastic Women issue 2007

The Wolf - Seattle Magazine 2007





collaborative work

The Maze, a book-making collaboration between Stacey Levine and visual artist Julia Freeman for Loose Leaf: The Book,  SOIL Gallery, Seattle, November 2011

Hotel Angeline, A Collaborative Novel in 36 Voices, Open Road Media, 2010

Libretto, The Wreck of the St. Nikolai. A puppet opera written and performed in collaboration with musicians Lori Goldston and Kyle Hanson. On the Boards, Seattle, 2004


work in translation

The Twin - Japanese Translation by Sachiko Kishimoto in Coyote (Magazine for Travelers)  Best Travel Writing, Switch Publishing, Tokyo, Spring 2013

Cakes - Japanese Translation by Sachiko Kishimoto in Selected Stories by Kishimoto: An Anthology. Kadokawa Shoten Publishing, Tokyo, 2012

Scratches - Japanese translation by Sachiko Kishimoto in Monkey Business  literary journal
Kadokawa Shoten, Tokyo, 2010

Cakes – Japanese translation in Yasai Jidai (WIld Times Journal)
Kadokawa Shoten, 2009

Translation: MY HORSE AND OTHER STORIES Per Kofod Publishing, Copenhagen


other work

Paper letters between Stacey and Toronto-based author Claudia Dey on the Believer’s logger

CODA, A NOVEL by René Belletto
Translated by Alyson Waters, Foreword by Stacey Levine
University of Nebraska Press

A ten-minute play: Susan Moneymaker, Large and Small
Belladonna Books #109

Interview with Ben Marcus
Electronic Book Review

Stacey Levine on Ryan Boudinot: HTML Giant

Letter to Young Writers
Richard Hugo House blog

Bookforum review of LOWBOY by John Wray

Bookforum review of Josh Barkan’s BLIND SPEED

Review of Kenneth Goldsmith’s NO. 111
American Book Review